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Gap Year Ideas

So, if you’ve decided to take your gap year in New Zealand, or even visit it as part of a Round-the-World trip, take a look at all these incredible things you could get up to during your time there.

There’s something for everyone in this fantastic country; from bungy jumps and skydives for adrenalin junkies, to swimming with dolphins and discovering awe-inspiring scenery for those who prefer the calmer life!

Farmstays: No idea what wwoofing is? Fancy learning how to shear a sheep? Want to see the best of beautiful rural New Zealand? Get reading here then! (more) Hostel skivvy: Don’t just sleep in a hostel; earn some essential dollars there too! Here’s how. (more)
Fruit picking: Find out how to earn money while meeting great people, getting a tan and seeing the best of rural New Zealand. (more) Conservation: You’ve checked out the beautiful scenery and fancy doing your bit to keep it the way it is, here’s how to volunteer. (more)
Live a dream: Whether you’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins or jump out of a plane, we show you how to make your dreams a reality in New Zealand. (more) Crazy activities: There’s no doubt that New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world, click here to discover the delights of fly-by-wire, zorbing, skydiving and much more! (more)
Hit the slopes: For everyone from skiing fanatics to slope novices, we tell you where to go, when to go and how much it’ll cost you. (more) Become a nomad: Buy a car, find the best stopover sites and head for the open road! (more)
Amazing walks: Some of the best parts of the country can only be seen on foot. Follow this guide to the best scenic tracks and you won’t miss a thing. (more) Maori culture: Don’t miss out on discovering the fascinating traditional culture of the islands with our guide to the best Maori sites. (more)
Emigrate: If a few months travel hasn’t quenched your thirst for New Zealand, we tell you about the chance to emigrate. You’ll never have to leave! (more)




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