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Gap Year New Zealand :: gap year ideas :: fruit picking

Fruit Picking in New Zealand

We've all heard of the lovely kiwifruit that comes from New Zealand, but they also grow many, many more fruits and vegetables. In addition some amazing wines come from NZ. However, someone has to pick these little rascals off the trees and bushes!!

And this is where you come in - the soon to be fruit picking pro! This is the most renowned job for travellers and backpackers to undertake (probably because the Kiwis can't be bothered doing it!) so you'll meet lots of people along the way. Workers are usually paid by the box or container so the faster the work the more you get. Make no mistake, it's hard work but at least you get to hang around with a good group of people and get a tan along the way! Have a look at the following websites for work currently available:



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